Terms of service



The Real Estate Kite Club (hereinafter “REKC”) is a club created within and
organized by Service A sprl, Fosbury & Sons 185 Chaussée de la Hulpe 1170 Brussels, a recruitment
company specialized in real estate, VAT: BE895 554 280, exclusively signs
contracts which are subject to these General Terms of Service (hereinafter
“Terms”). Any brochure available on the website of the REKC (www.rekc.be) is
subject to these Terms. Any other Terms of Service— except those of High Tech
Travel (see below) — are explicitly excluded.



2.1 The REKC proposes seminars oriented exclusively for professionals operating
and working in the real estate sector. No membership fees to the REKC are asked.
The REKC considers a person as a REKC member once he has participated in at
least one of the REKC events. Any real estate professional may apply for
participation in events of the REKC. The application is then analyzed by the REKC
team. The REKC has the right to refuse an application without any further

2.2 Once having confirmed a participation to a REKC event, the participant allows
the REKC to communicate the participant’s identity on its website (www.rekc.be)
and on the REKC facebook page. If a participant wishes not to be mentioned on
the REKC website, he or she must make this request per email to rekc@servicea.com



3.1 All prices shown on the REKC website and brochures exclude VAT (unless
mentioned explicitly).

3.2 Registration for REKC events and ticket sales are carried out through HighTech
Travel bvba, Elizabethlaan 133, 8300 Knokke (Belgium), a limited liability
company, VAT BE0430501143, (http://www.hightech.be, hereinafter “HTT”).
Thereby, the terms and conditions to be applied for the participant are the HTT
General Business Terms and Conditions.

3.3 To register to a REKC event, the potential participant will return the completed
registration form of the event per email to rekc@service-a.com. Once in
possession of this form, the REKC will ask an offer to HTT. This offer will then be
presented by the REKC to the potential participant.

3.4 For every REKC event, the participant will pay a REKC registration fee. These
fees will be added to the HTT offer and paid by the participant with the rest of the
event costs to HTT.

3.5 The registration for an event does not become binding for the REKC until the
full purchase price of the ticket(s) has been paid. In the case of default, the
participant is obliged to provide compensation for default interest and all other
procedural and non-procedural costs of recovering the debt incurred.

3.6 In the case of either the event date or location (event venue) being changed, in
general tickets remain valid.

3.7 In the case of rescheduling an event, the cardholder’s ticket may be returned
by a deadline to be determined by the REKC, preferably immediately after the
announcement of the new event date. After the deadline has expired, any claims
for reimbursement will expire.

3.8 A refund without returning the original ticket is not possible. On returning the
ticket, the customer should specify his bank account details and will then receive a
refund of the price paid. If the ticket is not returned within the time limit, no refund
is possible. Additional claims (e.g. postage, travel expenses, etc.) are excluded.

3.9 In the event of a no-show (the cardholder does not show up at the event), there
will be no refund of the ticket price.

3.10 The purchase of tickets for commercial resale is prohibited.

3.11 The REKC reserves the right to exclude persons from their events. Any
payments made by a person who was decided to be excluded will be refunded by
the REKC.

3.12 Invoices for the event costs are not automatically produced by HTT. If an
invoice is required, it is the participants responsability to make this request to HTT
and to communicate all the correct billing information to HTT.



Within the framework of REKC events, audio, picture and video recordings of the
individual participants and the event will be created free of charge. The participants
in these events agree that the recordings and images/photographs submitted by
participants, and the unlimited spatio-temporal use can be used free of charge for
press reports, advertising posters, calendars, brochures, commercial products and
manuals, and on REKC website and third party websites (e.g. right of use for
YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) and these rights of use may be given to third
parties by the REKC, both free of charge and also against payment.



5.1 The REKC is not responsible for personal items that are lost or damaged
during events.

5.2 Each participant must make provision for their own insurance. There is no
coverage either through Service A and/or the REKC.



Court of Jurisdiction is the relevant court in Brussels. Contractual relationships with
Service A are subject exclusively to Belgian law, excluding the CISG (United
Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods). Contract
language can be in French or English.